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15.000 osób odwiedziło Agape12 podczas tygodnia „Milan Design Week 2016”. Agape dziękuje wszystkim za zainteresowanie, to był wspaniały sukces!

Opening and Press Preview

This was one of the most popular parties in the Brera Design District with over 1.500 guests attending on 11th April, raising their glasses to Agape?s and Agapecasa?s latest products and all the partners of the Agape12 concept store: Antrax IT, Emeco, Key Cucine, KnIndustrie, Made a Mano and Matteo Brioni; other brands in attendance included Benedini Collection, Coedition and Manifestodesign. This year?s guest brands also included Anglepoise, Brokis and, for the first time in Italy, the Smaller Objects collection designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune. The press preview was attended by over 300 journalists from leading Italian and international magazines. Plenty of interviews were given by Agape designers: such as Giampaolo Benedini from Benedini Associati, Patricia Urquiola, Nicolas Gwenael from Curiosity (Sen taps and accessories), Garcia Cumini (Dot Line accessories), Sebastian Herkner (Gemma extras), Marco Merendi and Diego Vencato (Solid mirror), Mario Tessarollo and Giulio Gianturco (Plan-A shower), LucidiPevere (Marsiglia bathtub).


Ell washbasin top

Three versions of Ell (design Benedini Associati with Andrés Jost and Diego Cisi) are included in the installation in three different stylistic layouts. Thin blades made of marble or Corian? which, standing freely or supported, combine with containers from the Lato collection (designed by Benedini Associati) on display in a wide range of different lengths.


Lariana and Cuna bathtubs

The two new bathtubs designed by Patricia Urquiola are coming into production. Lariana?s linear compactness lies in a combination of delicate curves and sharp cuts in the rim of its double wrapping. Weighing just thirty kilos, Cuna embodies a notable knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes together with a very feminine and delicate lightness of great aesthetic value.


Dot Line accessories

The dot and line, graphic forms capable of creating endless languages, are the inspiration behind the first project designed by for Agape: Dot Line accessories in which the Dot turns into a structural interruption or break setting a rhythmic pattern along the entire line. The accessories are made of aluminium with either an oak or black anodised coating with black anodised aluminium supports and shelves made of black or white Corian?. Dot Line combines conventional stylishness with innovation, paying tribute to successful Agape products of the past, such as Wall-to-Wall, an accessories range designed by Giampaolo Benedini in 1986 which was an integral part of the company?s history, while also introducing new developments in know-how acquired in the field of working aluminium.


In-Out bathtub

A new solution made of white Carrara marble, black Marquinia or other types of marble or stone chosen by clients has been incorporated in the In-Out collection (designed by Benedini Associati). The bathtub is the right shape and size to be used standing up and is constructed by combined together several different parts.


New designs for Sen and the Plan-A shower

New designs for the Sen range (designed by Nicolas Gwenael / Curiosity) that has been supplemented with various different types of lighting appliances and accessories. The various different shower designs belonging to the Plan-A range (designed by Mario Tessarollo, Giulio Gianturco) vibrate and resound through their settings.


Gemma extras

The first joint-venture between Agape and Sebastian Herkner, Guest of Honour at Imm Cologne 2016, Gemma is a collection of extras with lids that also act as trays which includes a freestanding element and containers with lid. The trays are made of steel and cover the cylindrical wooden containers that are available with various finishes in different diameters and heights.


Eclissi mirror

Designed by Gergely ?goston in partnership with RD Agape, Eclissi consists of two mirrors and two reading surfaces that can be combined into different customised configurations. Two depths and two diameters interact in terms of their proximity and relative positions. The fuzzy outlines of their circles of light create striking contrasts with the simple geometric pattern of their reflective surfaces.


New finishes

A new set of finishes are now available to enable this range to cater for every imaginable design requirement. There is now a brushed natural brass version to go with the brushed burnished model already found in the catalogue of taps and Memory accessories and 369 accessories.


Find out all about the installation from the dedicated mini website

A mini website for ?The Art of Addition? installation is now online featuring images and details of all the new Agape products presented during Milan Design week 2016. Keep in touch with us through our Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin profiles. New YouTube and Vimeo channels will also be on-line soon, where you will be able to find interviews with our designers, who talk for the first time about the origins of the new products presented in Milan.

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